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I photographed my best friend's engagement!

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

I've finally found the time to write about a very special moment that I was a part of on 26th Feb 2022 - one of my besties, Lucie, getting engaged to her boyfriend Will!

Bit of backstory: Lucie and I have been friends for just over 10 years now. I first met Will properly on a group night out with Lucie, and instantly knew he was a good egg. Fast forward a few years and we're sat in the living room discussing the fact that when they get engaged they want photos of the moment, and asked me if I would be the one to take those photos. I was so excited to be asked I obviously said yes without hesitation! However, this meant that if Lucie ever saw me out and about in the same place with my cameras it would more than likely give away the fact that Will was about to pop the question.

So I give you my attempt at a disguise...

I would like to shoutout the random family that let me hang around with them as I was getting closer to Lucie and Will so that Lucie wouldn't spot me easily. Your dog was very cute.

Will and I had been planning this day since the end of summer 2021, and we were originally aiming for October 2021. There were a few different things that set us back - the ring not being finished, bad weather, work shifts to name a few. But eventually we got a date sorted and we were blessed with great weather and the most beautiful sunset.

- I took some photos of this stunning ring a few days before Will proposed. Isn't it gorgeous!

I was so nervous as I got closer because I didn't want to be spotted and ruin the surprise. I sent Will a few panicked messages getting him to turn Lucie the other way as she kept facing my direction. Thankfully, she didn't spot me and we were able to signal to each other that we were all ready for the big moment...

Eventually she did find me...

It was an honour to be apart of something so special, thank you guys for asking me to be there to capture it. Couldn't be happier for you both!

Scroll to see more photos from their engagement. The beach was so quiet we practically had it to ourselves until the sun went down!

What a great day this was, bring on the wedding in 2023!!!! I will not be photographing the wedding as I shall be enjoying being part of the day instead, and I cannot wait!

Love you both x

If you are looking for someone to photograph a proposal then please send me a message to :)

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