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Jack & Lauren - Maternity shoot

9th May 2022

Another shoot for my friends Jack and Lauren! So far we've had the pre-wedding shoot with their adorable dog Scooby, the wedding, and now maternity photos! I found out on Christmas day while I was just sat watching one of the many films playing that day and I received these messages from Jack:

I can't explain how excited I was when I found out. It felt so special that they chose to tell me, as well as ask me to photograph the next big moment in their lives.

We chose a great day for the shoot as we had possibly the best weather we'll have all summer (typical - where has this rain come from?!). Hylands Estate was so beautiful with the Wisteria covering two archways by the pond, it made for the perfect backdrop for Lauren's portraits.

We also managed to recreate their wedding photo, but with bump this time instead! (see below)

It was an absolute pleasure being able to photograph another milestone for Jack and Lauren - it's so special being able to follow journeys like this as a photographer. How exciting that baby Sheeran is on the way - and really not very long to go now!

If you would like to find out more about maternity shoots, click here.

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